Detox, Paternity, and PTSD

When someone writes about their life, or what they see as important pieces of it, I’m either drawn in or wonder what compelled them to write about themselves in the first place. Was it ego-driven, was it to relate to others, was it to help people going through something similar? Or was it because they just needed to get those thoughts–something haunting them–out of their … Continue reading Detox, Paternity, and PTSD

Faidra and Thy Dying Light

Formed in 2019, Faidra is an orthodox black metal project based in Sweden. The creator behind this beautifully atmospheric endeavor wishes to remain anonymous–not an unexpected move from any one-person outfit within the black metal scene. And before you ask, no, black metal isn’t the usual genre I review, and yes, this album inspired me to take that leap. Any music on the outside of … Continue reading Faidra and Thy Dying Light

The Black Capes, Bathead, Jesucrisis

The Black Capes (Athens, Greece – in featured photo above) The Black Capes album I have chosen to review is entitled All These Monsters. And I really love it. It was released in 2017 and produced by Peter Rutcho. I discovered it while in quarantine, because who isn’t finding new music while stuck at home? I mean, I’ve been baking a lot of cupcakes too … Continue reading The Black Capes, Bathead, Jesucrisis