Feral Light and VAZUM

Released in May 2020, Feral Light’s Life Vapor is a seriously intense journey.  This album begins with a dark, swelling intro, as if reaching out for you, giving you only moments to prepare for what is to come … then it begins. The first track, “Blood in Sand,” truly delivers. Right away you are sucked into the desolation, spellbound by the sound. You are entranced by … Continue reading Feral Light and VAZUM

Faidra and Thy Dying Light

Formed in 2019, Faidra is an orthodox black metal project based in Sweden. The creator behind this beautifully atmospheric endeavor wishes to remain anonymous–not an unexpected move from any one-person outfit within the black metal scene. And before you ask, no, black metal isn’t the usual genre I review, and yes, this album inspired me to take that leap. Any music on the outside of … Continue reading Faidra and Thy Dying Light