Nim Vind  has created an artistic identity for himself that refuses to submit to any specific rock and roll genre. As a result, his sound connects well with a broad spectrum of listeners. He’s toured with several respected musical icons from within the horror punk, deathrock, and dark wave scenes. He is modest in his approach and mysterious in his ways. And as a writer … Continue reading NIM VIND


There’s nothing more intense than witnessing the pure energy of Calabrese performing live. And if you ever have an opportunity to attend one of their shows, I highly recommend that you do. As a band that clings to no genre, their sound can be described as existing someplace between old-school rock-and-roll and the dark realms of horror punk. Brilliantly so. Let’s just say that if … Continue reading Calabrese

Dark Wave Publications

Dark Wave Publications (also Deathrock Publications) features interviews from those who have made an impact in the dark wave, post-punk, industrial, deathrock, punk, and other music scenes that have–and still do–influence us. Our main interviewer is award-winning writer Veronica Campbell. Veronica also fronts, composes, and produces solo musical project Death Loves Veronica. For interview requests or info, please use the contact form under “Contact” page. … Continue reading Dark Wave Publications