I wholeheartedly enjoy interviewing the talented alternative acts from my adopted home town of San Antonio, Texas. And today, I am happy to bring focus to the enigmatic mystery that is NILBOG, a one-man project existing someplace within the realms of old-school industrial, dark-electro, and something hauntingly experimental. This project was formed in 2017 by a very humble man named Jude. The sound can be described as arcane--pleasantly so, perhaps having accidentally escaped from some hellish void, slithering out to play with our minds ... or we can at least hope, right? Because when listening to what NILBOG has to present, we are transported away from whatever the fuck has happened to our planet and sent to someplace much better. A different time maybe. The sound grips at excitement, at fears, caresses emotion, consoles you with the offer of sweet musical candy, then curiously draws you into a safer, strangely dark place, oh ... but wait--I think that candy might have been poisonous. Oops. Listen to Jude's latest release to see what I mean: LOST MANKIND | NILBOG (

Come along with me for an interview of the man behind NILBOG. Let's find out what keeps him going and creating such intoxicating sounds for us.

1. What was the driving force behind the creation of this solo project?
Jude: Hello Veronica first off thanks for interviewing me!
One of the reasons I wanted to strike out on my own is for flexibility and creative freedom. Now that I’m producing on my own I can try all types of new creative processes. I think its defiantly more challenging doing it all solo but, on the other hand its much more rewarding when everything comes together!

2. Tell us something about how you mentally prepare for a performance? 
Jude: I take an almost religious approach to performing. I try and become possessed by an unworldly energy and unleash it on the crowd. These altered states of consciousness can be achieved through meditation fasting and consumption of  intoxicants, to achieve an altered state. It was said in the old times that ancient shamans would practice such rites to channel a forbidden realm and unleash powers for them to wield. I try to take a similar approach. Through these rites I hope  unleash an out-of-body performance!

3. Has the pandemic influenced any future changes in this routine (mood, sound, technical structure)?
Jude: This pandemic has helped me focus more on studio time and writing music. It has helped me refine my craft in the studio which I am grateful for. The bad aspect is the fact the us musicians can’t play live. It’s sad to see friends struggle through this. At the same time it raises my spirits to see people come together and support musicians. The pandemic has given me some much-needed time to refine all aspects of my music. When this is all over ill be able to unleash a new caliber of performance! I’m looking forward to the future!

4. During the process of recording and releasing a single or album, where are you mentally? Do eating and sleeping habits change … nervous, stressed?
 Jude: I like to think nothing really changes from my normal routine because I’m constantly creating. The question is what happens when I’m not creating? When I’m not working on art or music I tend to fall into deep depression I can’t eat or sleep right, and I become extremely stressed. I think there’s a lot of strife inside me and the only way to get it out is to create or self-destruct. My life is a constant stride to find inspiration. Nothing brings me more joy.

5. Describe where you would like to see this project in the next 5 years. 
Jude: In the future I plan to release a full length album I’m also in the process of planning a national tour which will be off the chain. Follow me on social media to keep up to date on news! And check out my new single “Lost Mankind” it was inspired by Ted Kandinsky and his work the “Power Process”. It’s an exploration of the great singularity. 

Cover of Lost Mankind

NILBOG’s current release is entitled Lost Mankind and can be purchased at the Bandcamp link below, and although many performances are currently on hold, if you do get the chance to witness NILBOG on stage, I do highly recommend that you do so. I can personally attest to the pure energy these performances invoke, and the strong impact it will leave on your strange, tainted little minds.





Interview by Veronica Campbell (producer/composer of Death Loves Veronica)
All photos used with permission, interview copyright 2020, Dark Wave Publications.
This interview was originally published on 01/19/2021.