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In Letter Form

Not every band has a tragic, poetic story. And most certainly don’t set out to create one as they begin that journey to construct their art. Unfortunately, In Letter Form has had some serious setbacks along the way, but that cannot, and should not, be used to detract us from really diving into their accomplishments. This post-punk project deserves our attention, and if you haven’t given their music a listen, let me introduce you to an album that will certainly lure you in.

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Fracture. Repair. Repeat. made available to us through Metropolis Records is certainly very well produced. The sound is intense, full, it surrounds you in all of its greatness–music mixed so perfectly, like a blanket provided for vocals one will want to hear again and again. Eric’s words project from him, from some deep haunting place within, and are served to you exquisitely, precisely. There’s no better way to put it. Listen to Wait Now. Hear its rhythmic magic, its quality, the vocal delivery … the sudden pull it has on you. This and tracks like Won’t Get The Best Of Me, Terror (Is A State Of Mind), and Face In The Crowd, they are artistic achievements that deserve your attention. These guys knew what they were doing. I own this album and I love it.

Besides being inspiring and complete in its creative depth, Fracture. Repair. Repeat. is professionally chiseled and layered with incredible production quality. I am always drawn to albums that grab at me instantly, as this one did, when song after song just gets better and better–that’s exactly what I desire from a project. That drug-like need to hear it again. I hope from reading these words you’ll take what I’m saying sincerely, and listen to this album now. Start with Wait Now for that sudden, quick fix, start with the first or second track if you’re into a strong build up.

I’m not quite sure what will come of In Letter Form. Their very talented vocalist passed away on September 3, 2016. Their manager, Dennis Gwinn, passed not long after. If you follow their facebook page, you will see the outpouring of love and respect this band has amassed. Plus, you will be able to keep up with their current on-goings.

Their influences include the likes of Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cure and more.

Based out of San Francisco, In Letter From is and was:

Peter Dosanjh: Bass
James Levis: Guitar
Andres Lopez: Drums, Percussion
Eric Miranda: Vox, Synth and Guitar

(Eric Miranda pictured in featured photo above–photo credit Shelby Griffiths).




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With their latest release, Burial, from Bat-Cave Productions, Stridulum has produced a smooth-sounding, beautiful album for our listening pleasure. The title track is quite evocative with a strong but feminine vocal performance. The beats are rich, carried along well, and should keep you hooked. Visceral has a great intro, and should certainly reel you in for what definitely becomes a very enjoyable experience. The chorus vocals in this track are layered with just the right delicacy, a gentle sweetness permeates throughout. The album overall is very good and should appeal to any fan within the dark electro/gothic/minimal/synth wave/electronica scene.


Stridulum, Marita Volodina (vocals/lyrics) and Arkadiy Berg (instrumentation), formed in 2019 and is based in Upper Silesia, Southern Poland. Their sound is influenced by the beauty that comes from pain and the cold region from which they reside. They cite projects such as Selofan and Boy Harsher as some of their influences.

I enjoyed this EP and I do recommend that you give it a listen. It’s structure is well-crafted and mood-inducing. I feel it is a great reflection upon feelings of despair and hopelessness, while somehow also making us feel something ignited from within. I can imagine dancing to these tracks at the club (hopefully they’ll reopen someday sooner than later). But for now, dance to them at home.

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Article written by Veronica Campbell (singer/composer of Death Loves Veronica) and was originally published on 05/15/2020 for

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