Faidra and Thy Dying Light

Album cover Faidra Six Voices Inside.

Formed in 2019, Faidra is an orthodox black metal project based in Sweden. The creator behind this beautifully atmospheric endeavor wishes to remain anonymous–not an unexpected move from any one-person outfit within the black metal scene.

And before you ask, no, black metal isn’t the usual genre I review, and yes, this album inspired me to take that leap. Any music on the outside of whatever “normalcy” may be is worth giving a listen to. And since black metal has been on my radar since my punk rock days (1990s), I figured I should begin including it from time to time. Admittedly, my husband came across this project while searching for some new music for us to enjoy (um … yeah, we share an interest in metal). And since our tastes don’t always cross paths too closely, we were both surprised to find that Faidra genuinely peaked both our interests–so we gave it a listen. And after that, we listened again and absolutely had to purchase the album Six Voices Inside.

This album takes you through a journey of well-orchestrated sound enhanced by moods both dark and crisp. The vocals, in agony, yet somehow soothing, are seated just right within the mix. They are as if summoned from someplace that aches deep inside us all. The guitar work entrances, lulls the listener–it is balanced throughout as if by a very well-trained ear. Now let me add something at this point about the intent behind things “black metal,” without rehashing any history you and I have already grown tired of hearing and reading after so many years–the origins of this sound are meant to be somewhat raw, cold, and very underground. The musician may not typically care if you even like what they’ve released. That said, it has become accepted to hear more purposefully well-produced BM. Too much perfection might taint it (again, this would be an opinion and left for the listener to decide), and some bands choose to remain in that world of ultimate lo-fi where the origins of the genre began. Personally, I like both styles of production when done correctly–the aggressive old-school lo-fi and the more “well-produced” sound. Faidra has found a great place in this ever-debated equation, and I think it works very nicely for this project in particular. An old-school vibe is maintained and the atmospheric presentation almost demands the attention to production it has received.

Six Voices Inside was released by Northern Silence Productions.

Check out the album here: https://faidra-northernsilence.bandcamp.com/album/six-voices-inside.

Faidra Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faidrablackmetal/

Album cover for Thy Dying Light, Forgotten By Time

Forgotten By Time was released in 2018 by Death Kvlt Productions

It’s not one of their latest releases, but since only discovering and purchasing it recently, I thought I would introduce you to it (unless your ahead of the game and already had a listen). It’s what you’ll want in something evil, driven, and full of old-school-reminiscent force. It grabs you, drags you down a very bleak path in which you might become possessed by something, and quickly becomes very addictive. There’s a great horror element attached to the emotion and feeling within–the guitars glide in time with just the right brilliance. The songs “Torn Apart By Wolves” and “Plague Rats” will help show you what I mean. The entire album is perfectly blended with just the right amount of production quality to help retain that raw aggression one would want from things BM, while also enhancing the highs and the power behind the low-end of the drums. Put bluntly, this isn’t a treble-filled mess (with all due respect to the past and it’s purposeful intent). It’s crafted skillfully. And what I mean by that is this–we love the roots of the genres we’ve grown up with, but some projects know how to retain an icy feeling without carbon-copying the sounds they are influenced by.

This album is very enjoyable to listen to. I can put it on and be very easily drawn into it, no matter what I’m doing. It has a hypnotic draw to it. It’s good to the point of distraction. The album is very well put together and flows with ease. All the right ingredients are there: strong composition, disdain, hate, nihilism, rhythmic pacing, and cold, brutal fuck yes. Forgotten By Time is repeat-listen-worthy and you should get a taste of it here: https://deathkvltproductions.bandcamp.com/album/forgotten-by-time-2.

My hope is that if you haven’t heard this band already, you will want to take a listen to this album and any others they have released.

Thy Dying Light is Hrafn – Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Azrael – Guitar & Drums.

Bandcamp: https://deathkvltproductions.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thydyinglightuk/

This article was written by Veronica Campbell for Darkwave Publications and originally published on September 30, 2020. Photo of Veronica by Johnny Camacho.