You might be drawn in by the look–that confident, brooding stance frontman Brandon Pybus projects … but wait until you hear the sound. It will cast upon you a dark spell, a storm in the waiting … wait, am I being overly dramatic? No, I think not.

Sonsombre is a phantasmagorical delight on the ears with vocals powerful and deep. All you have to do is take a listen for yourself to become hooked. With an album release in 2018 entitled A Funeral For The Sun, and one in 2019, The Veils Of Ending–you have no excuse not to take a bite and taste for yourself. Of course the 2019 release is fantastic, but I wanted to take some time to focus on the 2018 album.

Personally, my favorite tracks from that one include “Nocturnal,” “A Dance By The Graves,” and “Calling You.” They rock. They will move you, terrorize, and chill the senses–in a good way. There’s a dark romantic feel to the art that Sonsombre has gifted us, and I leave it upon you to take a listen for yourself.

But wait … before you rush off to bandcamp at the link provided below (wink), take a moment to read the quick interview I did with Brandon just before he announced a partnership with Cleopatra Records:

1. Are there any pivotal experiences in life you’d like to share that have influenced a specific song or set the mood for an album?

Interesting question… Some are fairly personal, but the story for Between is one that I recall vividly.  I spent Halloween of 2018 in New Orleans, LA.  One evening I was in a club.  As everyone was dancing it occurred to me that we’re all running from some pain, sadness, remorse, guilt, etc… The image of the crowd dancing between the shadows that they were hiding from came to my mind and inspired the chorus.  The rest fell into place as I wandered the streets and watched passersby and filled in details of their lives stories.
sonsombre live pic
2. Explain a little about how this project began. Can you provide some insight on how roles are managed?

I started recording the tracks that would become “A Funeral For The Sun” sometime in 2016.  I just really wanted to make Goth songs like the ones I loved so much from the early 90s.  Not being connected to the scene online, I thought Gothic Rock was virtually extinct, so I never planned to release it.  After 2 years of on and off recording I sat back and listened to the album and thought that maybe there would be people out there who still wanted to hear that sound, so I released it independently at first.  The response was amazing and inspiring… it led to more, and where we are today.  As far as roles, we all just do our part.  I do all of the writing at present because that’s how it all started.  We haven’t had many discussions about our roles honestly, as they all seem natural.  We’re fortunate to be a great group of friends that all just want to pitch in and take this music to as many people as we can.

3. When it comes to your inner circle (aside from fans), where does most of your support come from? Family, friends … both?

Honestly we get great support from both family and friends.  Whether it be family watching kids while we tour, friends helping us spread the word or traveling hundreds of miles to see us play, we are surrounded by an amazing group of people.  One in particular that I would like to single out for his contribution to Sonsombre is DJ Jason Ledyard.  He was the earliest believer in our sound and mission.  He has been immensely supportive in helping us promote the releases, the shows, everything we do really, and has helped produce “The Veils of Ending” and our newest album “One Thousand Graves”, which will be out after the first of the year on Cleopatra.  I’m honored to call him a friend.

Brandon guitar Sonsombre

Interview by Veronica Campbell (not for use without permission c. 2019)

Published November 16, 2019